02523 - Occupational Psychology

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

Students will acquire the following knowledge and skills: a thorough understanding of the principal concepts and the theoretical approaches of the Psychology of Work, in order to fully analyze the interaction between individuals as well as the responsibilities and the organization expected and required at work. The students will learn to develop specific relational skills for team work and for resolving conflicts.

Course contents

The focus will be an in-depth study of the relationship between the individual and work: its meaning, involvement, motivation, expectations and satisfaction. More specifically, we will explore and analyze how to make decisions, how to resolve problems, which are the coping strategies and what is the behavior of change. We will observe the organizational climate and culture, the process of socialization at work and also of outplacement. In addition, we will study personal processes that include encountering difficulties and dealing with stress. Research done on work performance, organizational behavior and hierarchies, leadership skills and group work, will be presented. Corresponding methodologies regarding research and evaluation of performance in sports will be included.



Main textbook:


Sarchielli, G., Fraccaroli, F. (2017) Introduction to the Psychology of Work. Bologna: Il Mulino (2017). Chapters 1-2-3 and

Transparencies available on: http: //iol.unibo.it

For further research:

Castiello D'Antonio A., Interviews and Conversations with Organizations. Milano: Raffaello Cortina editore, 2015.

Teaching methods

Lectures, presentations, videos, case research, group work.

Assessment methods

Written exam with multiple choice questions on the subjects presented in class.

Teaching tools

Powerpoint, lectures, role play, various learning practices, case analysis.

Office hours

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