85512 - Workshop on EU International Cooperation and Development Policies

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

The workshop aims at presenting the current EU international cooperation and development policy, its main objectives and goals, its geographical and sector approaches and the major aid instruments employed as well as at familiarising the student with the procedures of calls for proposals and project cycle management in the context of EU promotion of human rights and cultural heritage. At the end of the workshop the students will have acquired a sound knowledge of the current EU international cooperation and development policy and they will be able to search and respond to the most relevant calls for proposals in the field of human rights and cultural heritage.

Course contents

The workshop aims to provide students with a methodological background for the design and the management of EU projects.

The first part of the workshop will introduce the most important EU Programs on Interregional Cooperation: Europe, MED Mediterranean Cooperation Programme, CE Central Europe Cooperation Programme, Adrion Cooperation in the Adriatic and Ionic Area.

A specific part of the workshop will be devoted to present the most relevant programs of European Urban cooperation: Urbact and UIA Urban Innovative Actions.

The second part of the workshop will introduce the main instruments and procedures for the design and implementation of EU interregional cooperation projects and Urban development projects. Students will familiarise with the main tools for the development of a Project Proposal to EU:

- Programme manual

- Call for proposal

- Application form

- Action plan

- Communication plan

- Stakeholders guidelines

- Electronic management systems EMS, budget and monitoring.

The practical works and pilots will be focused on the issues of the cultural heritage and the social innovation.

At the end of the workshop, students will have a basic understanding of EU design and management processes of an european interregional project and a sound knowledge of the elements useful to define a network of partner and a set of international actions.


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Teaching methods

Discussion, teamwork, case study, action learning and capacity building.

Teaching tools

PC, ICT Platforms, Electronic Management Systems.

Office hours

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