28119 - Work Placement (1) )LM) (G.B)

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

At the end of the internship, the students have an in-depth knowledge of practical activities related to the work of the archaeologists, through experiences in public bodies such as museums, archaeological superintendents, local institutions responsible for the safeguard of cultural heritage, organizers of events related to archaeological tourism, publishers specialized in archaeology. They has started to put into practice knowledge related to both study and work experience, and they mature a judgmental autonomy to solve specific problems, or to make specific projects or research works. Likewise, they are able to communicate to a diversified audience, to apply and to update their skills within the three learning areas provided by the CdS: historical-artistic and epigraphic, with particular reference to the methodological area.

Course contents

The programs vary depending on the type of training.

The student has the possibility to insert in the plan of study or to the I or to the II year of master the formative activity of Internship to unwind himself/herself/themselves near Corporate body, Institutions and Firms external, that have already a convention with the athenaeum, or with Corporate body that want to ask for the activation of a new convention according to the formalities arranged with the School of Arts, Humanities and Cultural Heritage.

The Internship consists in an activity to formative and professional purpose, to exclusively develop near external Corporate body to the Department of History and Cultures , connected to the themes of search and study faced in the formative run of the Master in Archeology and Cultures of the ancient world; the institutions of reference will preferably be therefore: Museums, Superintendences for the archaeological Heritage, local Institutes places provosts to the guardianship of the Cultural Heritage, Corporate body organizers of tied up events to the archaeological tourism, specialized Book industry in the archaeological sector. The curricular Internship is not considered working activity and, therefore, it doesn't behave the obligation of salary from the Firms. The duration of the Internship is determined by the anticipated credits in plain of study; the anticipated obligation from the rule of Athenaeum requires or 300 hours of activity (12 CFUs) or 150 hours (6 CFUs) to dispatch him or in the first one or in the second year of frequency.

Besides, the master, on application of the student, you/he/she can allow, with the procedures established by the general Rule of athenaeum for the carrying out of the Internship or from the international programs of mobility of Internship, and in conformity to the community norms the carrying out of an Internship finalized to the carrying out of the Master's Thesis, or however connected to a formative project aimed to sharpen his/her process of learning and formation; this option nevertheless it doesn't behave the acquisition of credits and the activity you/he/she must be dispatches in the 6 month-old circle and not over.

The recording happens near the entrusted professors.

Especially, the student that has chosen to develop the Internship (LM) is kept to follow the procedure, according to the new active application from the to June 16 th 2017 to the site http://tirocini.unibo.it. The students that have chosen the Internship in plain of study they have the obligation to have developed the course on the safety, before performing the whole procedure on line to activate the Internship.

You/he/she can turn turn us the prof. Maria Teresa Guaitoli them or to the prof. Elisabetta Govi, to have opinions and explanations regarding the Internship, to ask its approval and to proceed to the recording.


No reading is required, besides the activities required by the Internship.

Teaching methods

Methods vary depending on the type of training.

The formalities of learning and carrying out of the activity are arranged of time in time with the single entertaining Corporate body and they depend on the educational training proposal and from the single strategies put in field by the firms entertaining.

Assessment methods

At the end of the Internship the student is kept to turn to the recording's professors that must verify the real degree of pleasure and enrichment in professional sense, fruit of the activity you/he/she turns. Besides to the student it is in demand the compilation of a questionnaire, action to make a will note the reached competences and the index of pleasure of the developed job.

Teaching tools

Tools are different depending on the type of training, and to discretion of the entertaining corporate body.

Office hours

See the website of Maria Teresa Guaitoli