23691 - Economics of Public Utilities and Utilities' Networks

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

The course focuses on the economic, institutional, and regulatory specificities of network industries and public utilities. It is designed to provide a broad introduction to network indstries and public utilities, and will start the process of preparing students to conduct research in the area. The course integrates theoretical models and empirical studies.

Course contents

Definitions: essentials facilities (the network and its services); direct and indirect network externalities; congestion externalities and price discrimination; net neutrality; etc. Structural features of network industries. Technology advance and standardization.The monopolist as a bottleneck.  Regulation of access pricing. Industry cases: Telecommunications; Broadcasting; Information; transport networks; Non-obvious networks.


Shy, O. - THE ECONOMICS OF NETWORK INDUSTRIES, Cambridge University Press; Economides, N. - Public Policies in Network Industries.

Teaching methods

Lectures, class discussions, coursework.

Assessment methods

Coursework (40%), final written exam (60%).

Teaching tools

Other teaching material, including slides used during the lectures and papers on specific topics will be made available to students on a weekly basis through the iol system.

Office hours

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