34521 - Organization and Management of Sports: Legal and Administrative Profile

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, the student will understand the fundamental concepts of sports law, as well as the national laws that regulate the main legal systems and matters of recreational, amateur and professional sports. The student will be able to analyze the primary and most common juridical issues pertaining to sport activities and resolve distinct case studies.

Course contents

Public and administrative law, focusing specifically on the sports sector (main concepts);

Allocation of authorities in spatial, urban planning of sport facilities;

Development and management of city/town sport facilities;

Development of public sport facilities through public bids and concessions;

Construction and renovation of sport facilities;

Regional laws governing the management of sport facilities owned by local organizations;

Relevant case studies;

Public financing of the development and management of sport facilities;

Problems facing Italy’s sport facilities.


Carlo Bottari (a cura di), La realizzazione e la gestione di impianti sportivi comunali, Aa.Vv., Quaderni di diritto delle attività motorie sportive, Maggioli Editore;

Piera Maria Vipiana, Elementi di diritto pubblico e amministrativo in relazione alle attività sportive, Pacini Giuridica;

Pierluigi Raimondo, Costruzione e ristrutturazione degli impianti sportivi, Capitolo IV, in Elementi di diritto privato sportivo, Giraldi Editore;

Chiara Alvisi, I problemi dell'impiantistica sportiva in Italia: introduzione alla proposta di legge C2800 e al progetto Tessera del Tifoso, in Rassegna di diritto ed economia dello sport, 2-3/2010.

Teaching methods

Students are expected to participate in class. Practical case studies will often be presented and discussed with visual support of PowerPoint slides.

Assessment methods

The final oral exam will treat topics covered throughout the course.

Teaching tools

Slides will be projected during class.

Office hours

See the website of Giampiero Veronesi