84242 - Measurements for Safety and Process Control M

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

The course provides the basic knowledge to the students of the CdS in Electrical Energy Engineering in the field of measurement for safety assessment as well as procedures and standard for quality and process control. Both issues are closely related, given that a deep knowledge of the topics and procedures related to quality control in production processes is associated with a greater level of safety for operators and infrastructures and, therefore, with a lower residual risk. At the end of the course, students will have the basic knowledge on procedures to operate safely on electrical worksites (through the knowledge acquired in the field of risk assessment and reduction) and on the methods and techniques related to quality control in production processes.

Course contents

Measurement for Process Control (Module 1)

  • General information on process and product certifications
  • Certification procedures and bodies
  • Product certification - brands and markings
  • System certification
  • The ISO 9000-9001 Standard (quality manual)
  • Product design:
  • Lean production
  • The Toyota Production System method
  • The PDCA method
  • Reference standards, specifications, evaluation of economic convenience

Measurements for Safety (Module 2)

  • Main national laws and Community directives on the safety
  • Technical standards on the safety of technological systems
  • Corporate services for risk prevention and protection: organization, tasks, responsibilities
  • Supervisory bodies: organization, tasks, powers
  • Analysis and assessment of risks
  • Measurements and tests for safety in electrical installations


Teaching material provided by the teachers and available on the UniBo online platform. The access methods are indicated to the students on the first day of lessons.

Teaching methods

Lectures through the use of computer support and laboratory exercises.

Assessment methods

Oral examination

Teaching tools

Video projections of power point presentations. Laboratory instruments for demonstrating the contents presented in the classroom.

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