29403 - Sociolinguistics (1) (LM)

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

This course aims to present the methods and different ways through which communication and language can be considered and analyzed as social and cultural dimensions. During the course will be examined the various types of linguistic varieties, the linguistic construction of reality and the social representations reflected in it, the relationship between communication, language and individual and collective identities. The course will also draw upon important issues as the sociology of language, the correlation between language and social acting, language and the construction of social realities.

Research labs and workshops of sociolinguistic nature will take place through the development of the course. These labs will take in examination concrete types of languages and their various spoken and written repertories.

The final purpose of this course beside from laying the theoretic bases of the field, resides in initiating the students to methodology research and practice research. According to a larger picture, the course aims at establishing a correlation between Sociolinguistic principles and Didactic ones.



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