83420 - Programming Of Services And Organizational Planning

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

The course aims to provide the most relevant properties of organizational processes and the most relevant sociological tools for the study of organizations, with particular reference to the services sector. At the end of the course the student is able to participate in surveys aimed at understanding the main organizational phenomena and possesses the skills to promote design interventions of complex organizations.

Course contents

The course aims to build skills for the analysis of organizational processes in a perspective of change, design and development, taking into account the most recent transformations of organizational and management mold that involve the territorial system of welfare services.

Main topics:

- understanding the organizational life: an itinerary between theoretical approaches and concrete situations;

- the processual dimension of organizations: organizations as processes of creating meaning, learning and change.

- planning territorial services: elements of strategic planning in perspective of integration and social innovation.


Bifulco L., 2012, Che cos'è una organizzazione, Carocci, Roma

"Organizzazione, programmazione e servizi" - lecture provided by the teacher at the start of the lessons.

The program of study for attending students will have some changes that will be communicated during the course by the teacher.

Teaching methods

Lectures, group discussions.

Attending students are expected to discuss papers presented by groups of students and selected by the teacher on the topics covered during the course.

Presentations will be conducted by attending students on the topics covered in class.

Assessment methods

To evaluate the degree of students knowledge the exam will be in written form.

Only for attending students two written partial tests are been scheduled.

Teaching tools

lectures, bibliographic repertory

Office hours

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