79869 - International Contract Law

Course Unit Page

  • Teacher Marco Bonora

  • Credits 4

  • SSD IUS/04

  • Teaching Mode Traditional lectures

  • Language Italian

  • Course Timetable from Feb 21, 2019 to Mar 22, 2019

Academic Year 2018/2019

Course contents

Course Presentation – Sources of International Commercial Law – The Pre-Contractual Phase in Complex International Contracts: A) Letters of Intent; B) Secrecy Agreements – Contracts for the Transfer of Material Goods: A) Sales and Supply Agreements; B) Distribution Agreements: i) Agency; ii) Distribution; iii) Franchising; iv) Sales Procurement; v) Commission (“Factors”) - Contracts for the Transfer of Intangible Goods: A) Transfer and Licensing of Trademarks; B) Transfer and Licensing of Patents; C) Transfer and Licensing of Know-How – Cooperation Agreements: A) Contractual Joint Ventures; B) Equity Joint Ventures; C) Venture Capital.


F. Bortolotti, IL CONTRATTO INTERNAZIONALE-Manuale teorico-pratico, Cedam, Padova, ultima edizione.

Assessment methods

The examination will be an oral test. Students shall give proof of sufficiently knowing each part of the programmme.

Attending students may moreover prepare a paper on an argument of their choice and interest. Such paper shall be agreed upon between students and professor during the course.

Teaching tools

Supplementary materials, which may help students in their preparation, will be made available during the course. In particular, contracts will be reviewed and discussed in class, including drafts and model contracts including the most commonly used in international commerce. Students will receive copies of model contracts for their own review and perusal, as well as other materials regarding general principles on international contract law.

Office hours

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