37840 - Internship LM

Course Unit Page

  • Teacher Danio Maldussi

  • Credits 4

  • Teaching Mode Traditional lectures

  • Language Italian

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

The student - is able to identify high-quality, coherent career opportunities - is able to use advanced tools and innovative techniques in professional settings, and to transfer knowledge and competences to novel work environments - is able to act in ethical ways as a translation professional and to evaluate the professional ethics of other translation professionals - is able to complement pre-existing knowledge and competences with those developed in a work setting

Course contents

This specific activity requires 100 hours of work during which the students will attend their internship. The Internship Commission of the Forlì School of Languages and Literatures, Translation and Interpreting, provides students’ support, helping them in choosing the best internship solution, according to their needs/preferences.

During their internship students will be asked to produce translations, revisions/editing, terminology cards and glossaries and all activities linked to translation processes, with the use of CAT tools if/when requested.
Students can choose to attend their internships in Manufacturing Companies, Language Services Companies and / or Event Organizers
Students attending the MA degree in Specialized Translation can apply for special Internships at the European Union DGT, or for internships aimed at preparing their dissertation projects (Toolkit project).


No bibliography is needed for this activity.

Teaching methods

Organization of meetings with students to present internship s activities. Interviews before and after internships to provide information and receive feedback on the internship once finished.

Assessment methods

Checking all necessary documents, number of hours attended and students’ evaluation by companies.

Teaching tools

Internship Office on Campus and Internship Committee coordinated by prof. Rachele Antonini with a number of other lecturers acting as tutors.

Guidelines for students and other documents that can be downloaded from the website:


Office hours

See the website of Danio Maldussi