45070 - Corporate and Innovation Economics

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

The goal of the course is to provide attendants with the basic tools for the analysis of origin, evolution and role of economic enterprises, along the course of history and in present times. Interplay between technological and organizationale factors is given particular attention.

Course contents

Origins of firms in the western world. Their foundations in anterior times.

From medieval shops to putting-out system. Beginning of English Industrial Revolution.

Innovations and institut ions as factors of Industrial Revolution

Division of labour. Birth of modern factories

The XIX Century: the Second and the Third Revolution. Innovations & research. New shapes of modern enterprises

Birth of Scientific Management. Taylorism and its aftermaths on factory work and labourers' wages

The Multi-Division Firm. The Managers' Revolution

The case about Adriano Olivetti

Public enterprise. The case about Italy

Small firms and industrial districts. Bologna

The comeback of Liberism. The owners' Revenge and its consequences

IT and TLC revolution

Firms and finance

Venture Capital

Social Responsibility of Firms

Circular & Green Economy




Bibliographic references will be provided at due time, according attendants' interests and research projects

Teaching methods

Face-to-face lectures.

Assessment methods

Short essay on a subject to be decided upon together with the lecturer

Teaching tools

Slides, videos.

Office hours

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