02023 - Numerical Computing

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, the student will be confident with the basic foundations of Scientific Computing. She/he knows and can use the principal algorithmic methods for numerically solving problems on the computer. She/he is able to autonomously implement algorithms and use principal data stractures.

Course contents

Floating point arithmetic.

Numerical methods for the solution of a nonlinear equation.

Numerical linear algebra: direct methods for the solution of a linear system; iterative methods for the solution of a linear system; Householder reflections and Givens rotations; orthogonal factorizations: QR and Singular Value Decomposition; linear least squares solution. Numerical methods for eigenvalues and eigenvectors computation.

Data approximation: polinomial and piecewise polinomial functions; interpolation and least squares approximation.

Numerical integration: quadrature methods


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additional texts
- "Accuracy and Stability of Numerical Algorithms", N. J. Higham, SIAM 1996.
- "Matrix computations", G. H. Golub e C. F. Van Loan, The Johns Hopkins University Press, 1996 e succ.
and others

Teaching methods

Use of blackboard in class.
Extra material provided in the course website.

Assessment methods

Written test on the topics presented during the semester, including the pseudo-code implementation of
simple algorithms.
The written test is followed by an oral test, on the same topics.

Teaching tools

ex cathedra teaching plus computer lab sessions.

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