73490 - Chemical Equipment Construction M

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

Design of unfired pressure vessels according to the european standard EN 13445. Design of welds, nozzels, flanges and skirts.

Course contents

Examples of typical pressure vessels and design specifications. General design principles according to EN 13445. Materials and design stress. Thickness design of shells (cylindrical, spherical, conical) and dished ends (emi-spherical, elliptical, toro-spherical). Openings design, structural verification of flanges. Heat exchangers structural design, design considerations on tube sheets. Principles and applications of stress analysis by means of FEM.


Reference text is the standard EN 13445 "Unfired pressure vessels". The standard can be downloaded through the School library site free of charge. A copy of the standard is also available in the teaching materials.

For further reading the following text is suggested: "I recipienti in pressione", F. Cesari, D. Martini; Ed. Pitagora 2012

Teaching methods

Lectures and design examples. Applications of Code Aster for the execution of stress analysis by means of finite elements numerical simulations on pressure vessels parts.

Assessment methods

Oral examination. Discussion will start on a topic choosen and presented by the student and will continue on the other parts of the course program.

Teaching tools

The teaching material is completely available by the teacher and includes a copy of the standard EN 13445, examples of technical specifications and executive drawings of pressure vessels, examples of structural analysis performed by formula or by means of numerical stress analysis.

Office hours

See the website of Piero Morelli