78652 - Laboratory of Thermodinamic Simulation

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student has skills on the selection of thermodynamic models for process simulation and on the thermodynamic analysis of processes.

Course contents

The laboratory of thermodynamic simulation will focus on the following topics:

-  Brief introduction of the different modeling approach for the study of pure components and mixture properties: the equation of state approach and the models for the estimation of activity coefficients of different compounds in mixtures.  

-  Implementation of simple models in different mathematical software and application for the prediction pure components and  binary mixtures gas-liquids, liquids liquids equilibrium in different environmental condition.

-  Description of the different models available in commercial software for process simulation, introduction to the criteria for their choice as a function of the type of process a considered and application for the solution of simple thermodynamics problems involving multicomponent mixtures.

Teaching methods

The course will be carried out through short introductory lessons followed by the execution of computer based exercises focused on model implementation and application to describe different type of experimental data and to solve simple thermodynamic problems.

Assessment methods

The assessment is based on the discussion of the results obtained for the different problem considered during lessons.

Prior to this discussion a report describing the solution procedure of the excercise as well as the main results obtained must be submitted to the professor together with a copy of the files used for the resolution. Incomplete or erroneous reports will not be accepted.

Student has to be present to at least 80% of the total laboratory classes in order ot be eligible for passing the exam.

Teaching tools

Slides of the differen lessons will be available to students.

Office hours

See the website of Marco Giacinti Baschetti