78649 - Laboratory of Biomedical Material and Technologies

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student has skills on the design and test of technologies and materials applied in the biomedical sector.

Course contents


No specific prior knowledge and/or understanding is required to attend with profit this course.

Fluent spoken and written English is a necessary pre-requisite: all lectures and tutorials, and all study material will be in English.


The laboratory will enrich the Student with specific information related to the biomedical field, from specific requirements in design and project development for biomedical devices and technologies, to materials selection and industrial methods of production and fabrication of biomedical objects.

In specific, the course will transfer knowledge on:

The engineering approach for biomedical design. Criteria for materials selection for biomedical applications: specific data bases and data sources. Correlation between materials properties and applications. How to select a proper fabrication process for a biomedical device. Methods and processes for the production of biomedical devices: joint prosthesis, intra ocular lenses, contact lenses, vascular stents, vascular grafts, scaffolds for tissue engineering, bone fixation systems. Specific processes for the biomedical field: aseptic production, clean processing, aseptic packaging, sterilization.

Teaching methods

Lectures given in English language.

Assessment methods

Achievements will be assessed by the means of a final exam consisting in an ORAL REPORT on a specific topic in between those described during the course. The Report will contain updated information on the topic, collected by bibliographic research, web sites, etc. To obtain a passing grade, students are required to at least demonstrate a knowledge of the key concepts of the subject, some ability for critical application, and a comprehensible use of technical language. A failing grade will be awarded if the student shows knowledge gaps in key-concepts of the subject, inappropriate use of language, and/or logic failures in the analysis of the subject.

Teaching tools

Slides from the lectures available (to download please visit AMS Campus)

Office hours

See the website of Paola Fabbri