06445 - Business Statistics

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

The aim of the course is making students able to use quantitative models as a support for management's decisions. More precisissly student is able to make competitive analysis using statistical models, to analyse firm's performances and to forecast sales and market shares

Course contents

1. Evaluation of credit scores/merit

2. Time series analysis and forecast by decompositive method. Business cycle measure

3. Measures of productivity and efficiency.

4. Statistical decision theory and game theory (elementary).

5. Customer satisfaction measuremnt methods

6. Market  share response models.


1. Evaluation of credit scores/merit - Brasini, Freo, Tassinari, Tassinari,Statistica aziendale e analisi di mercato, Il Mulino, cap. . Dispensa sul sito web docente.

 2) Time series analysis -Guarini, Tassinari, Statistica economica, Il Mulino, cap. 3. Lecture notes on teacher website.

3) Measurement of productivity and efficiency- Bracalente-Cossignani-Mulas, Statistica aziendale, McGrawHill, Cap. 6.

4) Lecture notes on teacher website.

5)Lecture notes on teacher website.

6) Market response models. Brasini et. al, Marketing e pubblicità, Il Mulino, 2010, Cap. 4.

Teaching methods

Frontal lessons. Exercitations. Team working

Assessment methods

Written exam to be solved in two hours for prof. Capacci Modulo 2. Oral exam for prof. Tassinari Modulo 1.

Teaching tools

Slides and lecture notes on the official teacher's website.


Office hours

See the website of Giorgio Tassinari

See the website of Sara Capacci