19506 - Technical Analysis Laboratory

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

After completing the course the student will have the competence to define trading strategies based on the construction of evolutionary scenarios of the financial markets. In particular, the student is able to: - analyze the dynamics of financial time series by combining the basic principles of technical analysis (graphical approach) and analysis of the sentiment - to use the technical approach of statistical key quantitative, with particular attention to the construction of indexes and statistical indicators - translate these findings in operational strategies through their combination in trading systems


Analisi Tecnica dei mercati finanziari - John J, Murphy

Analisi Tecnica dei mercati finanziari - Marin J. Pring

Teaching methods

It will be used a real-time method. Markets will be followed in real-time with the aim to show students the evolution of financial markets to the news and events of what will happen during the lecture period

Assessment methods

During the lesson, students will be involved in trying to predict the financial markets interact with the teacher.

Teaching tools

It will be used visual traders and everyone will have the opportunity to download the software for free for a trial period.

Office hours

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