29035 - Electronic Industrial Systems Architecture and Programming Laboratory T-A

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

Architecture of micro-controller based systems using ARM cortex M cores.  Firmware programming for industrial applications.

Course contents

1. Intro to microcontroller based programmable architectures for industrial applications. Requisites, main characteristics, comparative analysis

2. Microcontrollers - architechtures

2.1 Microcontroller families - architecture of the core and of the chip
2.2 Input-output peripherals: serial interfaces, parallel interfaces, A2D converters
2.4 Auxiliary systems: timers, power management, etc.
2.5 Memory system: ROM, RAM, FLASH on-chip and off-chip
2.6 Case studies

3. Sensors and Actuators - components and interfaces

3.1 Integrated components with analog and digital interfaces
3.2 Smart sensors/actuators
3.3 Case studies

4. Components and subsystems for communication

4.1 wired communication - standards
4.2 wireless communication - standards
4.3 Case studies

5. Programming techniques for microcontrollers

5.1 Toolchains for code generation and optimization
5.2 Debugging tools
5.3 Run-time libraries 
5.4 Peripheral management and programmng
5.5 case studies

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