37153 - Trading Game Lab

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

The course provides students with the basic knowledge to all financial instruments. individual investment decisions or group define portfolios that are managed by each on the basis of the techniques learned in the lab. In particular the student will develop knowledge of technical analysis; analysis of domestic and international economic situation; - Quantitative analysis of micro and macro data (the so-called fundamental analysis); analysis of the sentiment; volatility analysis. After completing the course the student knows the main tools for trading, it is able to: develop rigorous financial strategies, define trading strategies with respect to precise objective functions, take rational decisions on the basis of financial data analysis.

Course contents

The main financial instruments explained each one for each lesson.
The techniques of asset allocation and portfolio management through the game game trading with virtual money.
The portfolio will be managed with the help of the Italian stock exchange website.
You managing 10 000 euro and you can buy all the offered instruments except options and derivatives.
The top three winners will receive a trophy as a prize.


For each lesson will be made available same slides in ppt and pdf data will also offer for reading.
In addition, students will be periodically sent financial report of major global institutions by mail.

Assessment methods

Written test with multiple answers.
The examination will be considered passed with a score of 22 correct answers out of 30.

Teaching tools

Internet is the most widely used tool.

Office hours

See the website of Michele Clementi