Course Unit Page

  • Teacher Loris Pironi

  • Credits 1

  • SSD MED/09

  • Teaching Mode Traditional lectures

  • Language Italian

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

The student will have achieved the following educational objectives: Knowledge and understanding: the theoretical bases of artificial nutrition (indications, implementation, monitoring and complications of artificial nutrition); Application of knowledge and understanding: prescribing a nutritional program in collaboration with the other involved professionals (nurses, pharmacists, dieticians); Autonomy in assessment and evaluation: critical evaluation of individual clinical cases, with regard to indications, contraindications, expected results from nutritional therapy; Communicative skills: informing patients, family and caregivers about the nutritional therapy, collaborating with the other involved professionals;  Learning skills: developing skills that enable them to continue their training on these topics once the course is completed

Course contents

Artificial nutrition is a widely used medical treatment in the field of internal medicine, medical specialties, surgery and intensive care; requires specific knowledge that ere not provided by the regular program of the School of Medicine graduation. This couse will allow the student to acquire knowledge, understanding and use of artificial nutrition in hospital and at home according to clinical practice guidelines; the discussion of clinical cases (indications, implementation, monitoring and complications of artificial nutrition) will provide useful models for the medical practice

Venue, dates and times

Monday 4 February,  time 14-18, Auletta Ginecologia pad 4

Thursday 5 February, time 14-18, Auletta Ginecologia pad 4

Monday 11 February, time 14-18, Aula Labò pad 5

Thursday 12 February, time 14-18, Auletta Ginecologia pad 4

Monday 18 February, time 14-18, Aula Labò pad 5

Thursday 19 February, time 14-18, Aula Placitelli pad 25

Topics and teachers

Malnutrition and catabolism, assessment of the nutritional  status, indications for artificial nutrition (Prof. L. Pironi)

Parenteral nutrition: access routes to the venous system (Prof. M. Zanello)

Enteral nutrition: access routes to the digestive system and related complications (Prof. M. Di. Simone)

Nutritional requiremets(Prof. L. Pironi)

Metabolic complications of artificial nutrition (Prof. L. Pironi)

Artificial nutrition in the patient admitted to the internal medicine ward(Prof. L. Pironi)

Chronic intestinal failure and home artificial nutrition (Prof. L. Pironi)

Peri-operative artificial nutrition (Prof. M. Di Simone)

Artificial nutrition in surgical unit (Prof. M. Di Simone)

Enteral nutrition: complications of access routes to the digestive system and gastrointestinal complications (Prof. M. Di Simone)

Parenteral nutritional admixtures (Prof. L. Pironi

Enteral nutritional formulas (Prof. M. Di Simone)

Pharmaconutrition (Prof. M. Zanello)

Artificial nutrition in intensive care unit (Prof. M. Zanello)

Clinical cases (Prof. M. Di Simone, Prof. L. Pironi, Prof. M. Zanello)


Guidelines of the  Società Italiana di Nutrizione Artificiale e Metabolismo (SINPE), free download at http://www.sinpe.org/ (all'interno dell'Area Servizi)
Guideliens of the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism , free download at http://www.espen.org/
ESPEN recommendations: Definition and Classification of Intestinal Failure, free download at http://www.espen.org/

Teaching methods

Lectures and discussion of clinical cases

Assessment methods

Discussion of clinical cases

Teaching tools

Slides, gudelines, interactive discussion

Office hours

See the website of Loris Pironi