55804 - Business Strategy

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

The course aims to provide participants with the conceptual frameworks needed to take strategic decisions at business level, paying attention to the coherence between internal resources and competences, market variables and long terms goals.

Course contents

  1. The meaning of strategy
  2. The analysis of the competitive environment
  3. The value creation: the resources, the competences and the value system
  4. The nature and the sources of the competitive advantage
  5. The business strategies in the different competitive environments
  6. Corporate strategies
  7. Growth strategies
  8. External growth strategies



  • "L'analisi strategica per le decisioni aziendali", Il Mulino, 5° edition, 2016, chapter XVI excluded.
  • Lesson slides

Teaching methods

  • Frontal lessons
  • Case study analysis and discussion
  • Entrepreneurs and managers presentations

  • Assessment methods

    All students. Course assessment consists in a written examination with essay-style questions and multiple choices where students can show their comprehension of the concepts discussed in the course and their ability to apply them in practice.

    Students attending classes. It is possible to integrate written examination with work group on case study analysis.

    Teaching tools

    • Slides and readings
    • Videos

    Office hours

    See the website of Vincenza Odorici