00221 - Commercial Law

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student is expected to reach a good knowledge of the Italian laws regarding the exercise of business activity and the structure and functioning of partnership and corporations.

Course contents

The course of Commercial Law aims at explaining the business activity and its different forms (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, etc.). The entreprise is examined both as a legal entity and as a business activity.

The first part of the course concerns particularly the business activity; the second part concerns particularly partnerships and corporations.

First part

The Business Activity. Type of Business Activity.

The rules of Business Activity.

Firm. Brand.

Unfair competition.

Integration among entreprises (consortia, joint ventures).

Second part


Corporations: Closely Held Corporations (Limited company by shares; Limited liability company)

Company dissolution.

Mutual Companies

Group of Companies


The Civil Code (edition updated)

About enterprise

G. PRESTI and M. RESCIGNO, Corso di diritto commerciale - Vol. I (Impresa - Contratti - Titoli di credito - Fallimento), Zanichelli, Bologna, latest edition:

  • Lessons I , II, III;
  • Lesson IV (from n. 1.1 to n. 2.3);
  • Lesson V.

About partnership, corporations and co-operatives:

G. PRESTI and M. RESCIGNO, Corso di diritto commerciale - Vol. II (Societa' ), Zanichelli, Bologna:

  • Lessons XVIII , XIX and XX;
  • Lesson XXI;
  • Lesson XXII (not n. 3.3.3);
  • Lessons from XXIII to XXVII;
  • Lesson XXVIII (not n. 1.3.6 and n. 2.3.3);
  • Lessons from XXIX a XXXI;
  • Lesson XXXII (not n. 8);
  • Lesson XXXIV, from n. 3.9 to n. 4.4;
  • Lesson XXXV (not n. 5).

Teaching methods

Frontal lessons

Assessment methods

First examination (in october): quiz multiple choise

At the end of the course: oral examination

Office hours

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