Course Unit Page

  • Teacher Rita Maria Melotti

  • Credits 2

  • Teaching Mode Traditional lectures

  • Language Italian

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

Techniques of General and Regional Anaesthesia: the pre-anaesthesia preparation of the surgical patient, the induction, the tracheal intubation and ventilation, the maintenance and the awakening from general anesthesia. Learning of notions on first aid and on the assistance to the patient with cardiac and pulmonary arrest. The Intensive care ward. Pre-hospital emergencies. Shock.

Course contents

  1.  Introduction and principles of general anesthesia. The maintenance of general anesthesia. The awakening.
  2. The Intensive care ward.
  3. Medical emergencies in the Pre-hospital context; theoretical-practical notions on first aid and Basic Life Support procedures.
  4. The shock.


Material and slides provided by the teacher.

Teaching methods

Interactive frontal lessons with PC projection of the didactic material and clinical case movies.
Particular attention will be given to the application of the neurphysiopathology and clinical pharmacology notions in pain therapy.

Assessment methods

The class is part of an integrated course. The examination at the end of this class aims to appraise the attainment of the didactic objectives exposed during the lessons according to the program of this particular class. The student will be questioned for verifying the attainment of the didactic objectives by the responsible of the class using a quiz of 10 questions with multiple answer choices, at the end of the cycle of the lessons. The final score is defined, at the end of the test, and expressed out of 30s (i.e. 18/30 the least – 30/30 cum laude the maximum score). This score will be integrated with those of the other classes of the Integrated Course's scores to establish the final result.


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Office hours

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