78118 - Laboratory of New Trends in Arts Management and Technology

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

Student is expected to understand nature, potential impacts and possibilities of development of new trends in the field of arts management related to new technologies. By its nature, the course would focus on specific trends and aspects that will be defined in flexible ways, open to possible experimentation.

Course contents

The course is divided into two sections.

Section one: an overview of case studies, focusing on the different approach a brand or an organisation should have in the contemporary market of communication.

Section two: a practical, hands-on workshop on techniques of visual communication and storytelling, with exercises in writing, shooting and editing contents for the online and social-media environments.


Link to case studies and document will be given in class.


For the second part, two readings are suggested to be introduced into the storytelling mindset. 

"Three uses of the knife", David Mamet

"Directing the story", Francis Glebas - Focal Press

Teaching methods

Frontal lessons and hands-on workshop of visual communication. 

Assessment methods

The student will write and produce a campaign project for the social media, to promote an art or heritage related activity. 

Teaching tools

Each student will work with his own instruments, like cameras, smartphones and computers.

Office hours

See the website of Gianmarco Gaviani