01069 - Town-Planning (A)

Course Unit Page

  • Teacher Enrico Brighi

  • Credits 8

  • Teaching Mode Traditional lectures

  • Language Italian

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, the student has got basic knowledge about the themes that cross the contemporary town-planning, and theories, strategies and tools used by town planners in the reading of the city and in the design of its transformations.

Course contents

The Lab-based Course on Town Planning (Integrated Course 12 CFU, 168 hours) is formed by the main unit/course Town-Planning (8CFU, 120 hours) and by the unit/course Town-Planning Technique (4 CFU, 48 hours).

The Studio's title is “REGENERATION STRATEGIES AND NEW PATHS IN SMALL TOWNS”. The Studio has the aim of experimenting approaches to urban regeneration and reuse, and of getting the students close to the contemporary themes of urban planning (soil consumption, public spaces, new welfare spaces, public cities, urban ecology and green networks, …).

The proposed study areas are located in the province of Forlì-Cesena, where the students in small groups will develop specific surveys. Starting from their results, the students will develop design explorations on specific sites about the themes illustrated during the lessons.

During the first semester the Studio, that will be focused on the analysis and on the development of the strategies, will involve a whole regional/urban district, while during the second semester it will be centred on urban regeneration projects of one or more small areas that will be chosen by the students from the district previously analysed.

The urban analysis will be presented in a portfolio by using the A3 format (number of panels to be decided with the professors) and, if necessary, it can be integrated with multi-media presentation (e.g. video). The portfolio will include:

- urban/territorial asset analysis

- in depth analysis at the local scale

- critical appraisal of strenght and weaknesses, opportunities ant threats at the local scale, step and times of the strategies

Project proposal for small areas will be developed by the students at the following phase, which will end with the final examination.


Lectures will be held in class and will provide to the students the theoretical framework that is needed to develop the design Studio; each lecture will be followed by an assignment (Town-Planning Technique module) and by a list of recommended paper on the topic discussed.


Aim of the workshop studio is to test urban design projects that are focused on urban regeneration and reuse. Specific references about these topics will be delivered to the students during the lectures.


Teaching methods

The Studio includes lectures, individual and group discussions and seminars for the assessment of the students' work, led in association with the other teachers.

Assessment methods

The Lab-based Course on Town Planning (Integrated Course 12 CFU) is formed by the main unit/course Town-Planning (8CFU) and by the unit/course Town-Planning Technique (4 CFU).

The final assessment includes the discussion on the basis of the contents of both the units/courses that form the Lab-based Course.

The final assessment is oral, focused on the presentation of the students' work, and on its discussion referring to the general themes of the course.

Teaching tools

Lectures in classrooms with multimedia presentations available through AMS Campus.

Group work supported by maps and thematic materials available through AMS Campus.

Department library as useful support for bibliographic research, specific documentation and investigation.

Office hours

See the website of Enrico Brighi