67059 - Computer Science Pass/Fail Test

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This teaching activity contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

Quality education

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

Personal productivity tools.

Course contents

Word processor: main applications and their basic functions. Main typographical objects managed by means of a word processor. Common commands available word processor applications; especially those related to document visualization. Page composition and accurate tuning of the resultant document. Among the others, page footer and header, notes, bulleted and numbered lists,  syllabication. Some advanced features in typography, such as the keep properties, widows and orphans. Special tools to speedup the formatting of long text and to automate repetitive tasks. Spreadsheet: presentation of the spreadsheet applications. The graph paper metaphor and basic operations. Addressing methods of cells, formulas to compute value, graph generation. Data management. Advanced tools to manage spreadsheets and 3-D graphs.  Internet and the World Wide Web: Client-server architecture. HTTP protocol. HTML documents. Multimedia documents. Browsers and plug-in. More protocols. Web 2.0. Blog.  RSS. Podcast. Wiki. Virtual communities and social networks. Security of the Web. Cookies.


Needs subscritpion. Contact the teacher by e-mail using our student account.

Teaching methods

E-learning course.

Assessment methods

The exam takes place in the computer lab.  It is a set of quiz with multiple choice answers on the topics of the course.

Teaching tools

E-learning course. The lessons are available on a Web site, and can be accessed anytime.

Office hours

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