00556 - Greek Literature

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  • Teacher Renzo Tosi

  • Credits 12

  • SSD L-FIL-LET/02

  • Language Italian

  • Campus of Bologna

  • Degree Programme First cycle degree programme (L) in Humanities (cod. 8850)

    Also valid for First cycle degree programme (L) in Humanities (cod. 8850)

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

The students are expected to acquire a specific knowledge of the authors of Greek Literature as well as the methodological skills useful for textual analysis. They are also expected to acquire a knowledge of their historical context and of the anthropological concepts that are important for the Greek culture.

Course contents

A- Special focus course ('corso monografico'):Sophocles' Antigone

B- 1. Comprehension and translation of Greek classical texts

2. Anthology of Greek Liric Poetry, Thuc ii (or another prose text to agree with the teacher), a tragedy or comedy.

3. Greek ancient literature; Secundary litterature: one of the listed books

Lessons timetable: Monday Tuesday Thursday 9-11 (Aula IV Via Zamboni 38).  Beginning of the lessons: February 4th, 2019, 9 a.m. The lessons will be carried on all during the second semester. Optional seminars will be arranged between teachers and students. A special course for beginners will be organized in the first semester.


A. Sofocle. Antigone, a c. di D. Susanetti, Roma (Carocci) 2012. Students who will not attend lessons must translate Sophocles' Antigone, students who will take a 6 credits examination, don't have to prepare any special focus course.

B. 1.The following title is recommended: R.Pierini - R. Tosi, Capire il greco, Bologna (Pàtron) 2013. In order to know Greek lexicon G. Ugolini, Lexis. Lessico della lingua greca per radici e famiglie di parole, Bologna (Patron) 2018 is very fruitful.

2. As for the texts are recommended the following titles: Tucidide, Storie, trad. P. Rosa, Siena (Barbera) 2015,  as for the anthology of greek licris, students must study the fragments edited in Lirici greci : antologia / a cura di Enzo Degani e Gabriele Burzacchini, - 2. ed. / aggiornamento bibliografico a cura di Massimo Magnani. - Bologna (Pàtron) 2005. Students who will take 6 credits examination can agree with the teacher any changes.

3. As for the history of Greek literature A.Porro - W.Lapini (Bologna, Il Mulino, 2017) is recommended. As for the secundary litterature, the following titles are listed (if a student wants to read a not listed book must agree upon it with the teacher): Sotera Fornaro, Antigone. Storia di un mito, Roma (Carocci) 2012, H.Fränkel, Poesia e filosofia della Grecia arcaica, Bologna (Il Mulino) 1997; M.Di Marco, La tragedia greca, Roma (Carocci) 2000, AA.VV., La civiltà greca, a c. di M.Vetta, Roma (Carocci) 2001; E.R.Dodds, I Greci e l'irrazionale, nuova ed. italiana a c. di R.Di Donato, Milano (Sansoni) 2003; B.Powell, Omero, Bologna (Il Mulino) 2006,  G.Mastromarco - P.Totaro, Storia del teatro greco, Milano (Edumond le Monnier) 2008, B. Zimmermann, La commedia greca. Dalle origini all'età ellenistica, Roma (Carocci) 2010, V. Di Benedetto, Euripide. Teatro e società, Torino (Einaudi) 1971, C.Calame, I Greci e l'eros, Roma-Bari (Laterza) 2010, F. Condello, Elettra. Storia di un mito, Roma (Carocci) 2011, G. Ugolini - D. Lanza, Storia della filologia classica, Roma (Carocci) 2016, L. Canfora, Tucidide. La menzogna, la colpa, l'esilio, Roma-Bari (Laterza) 2016. W. Lapini, L’epistola a Erodoto e il Bios di Epicuro in Diogene Laerzio, Roma (Edizioni di Storia e Letteratura) 2015.

Teaching methods

The lessons will be carried out as a seminar and students will face exegetical problems of  Greek texts. Further lessons will be arranged with students.

Assessment methods

An oral examination.  As for B1, the student must recognize the structure of a short Greek phrase. The knowledge of Greek Literature is preliminary; the final mark range is from 30 to 18: the teacher will evaluate the  student's  methodological skills useful for textual analysis; 30 cum laude indicates very good skills and own personal interests.

Teaching tools

PC, Photocopies of texts


Basic notions of metrics, grammar, are required. THe following texts are recommended: as for metrics M.C.Martinelli, Gli strumenti del poeta, Bologna (Cappelli) 1995; as for the historical grammar P.Chantraine, Morphologie historique du grec, Paris (Klincksieck) 1961 e D.Pieraccioni, Morfologia storica della lingua greca, Messina-Firenze (D'Anna) 1975.

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