08795 - Macroeconomics

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

The main purpose of this course is to provide students with the fundamental principles of macroeconomics to understand the functioning of economic system as a whole.

After completing the course, students will be able to: a) understand the main economic indicators (output, inflation, unemployment, interest rates and exchange rates) and their interrelations; b) understand the causes of the business cycle fluctuation and the role of fiscal and monetary policies in the stabilisation of the economic cycle; c) identify the factors affecting economic growth in the long run; d) understand the role of expectations and assess their impact on the economic system; e) interpret and evaluate media reports on ‘hot macroeconomic issues’.

Course contents

-The main macroeconomic aggregates.

-The good market and the financial markets: the IS-LM model.

-The labour market, the Phillips curve and the IS-LM-PC model

-Openness in goods and financial markets

-The role of expectations

-Government debt

-Economic growth


-Blanchard, O. Amighini, A. e F. Giavazzi, Macroeconomia. Una prospettiva europea, Il Mulino, 2016

-Findlay D., Esercizi di macroeconomia, Il Mulino, 2017

Teaching methods


-Classes with presentation of exercises

Assessment methods

The final exam is written

Teaching tools

-Classes with presentation of exercises will be held by the course's tutor

-Syllabus, Lecture slides and hands-out to be found at https://elearning-cds.unibo.it

Office hours

See the website of Valentina Colombo