11316 - Private Law

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

The student deepens the fundamental institutions of Private law, with particular attention to the matter of the human rights, inheritance, obligations and contracts, civil liability.

The aim of the Course is to give to students, in a gradual and systematic manner, the necessary familiarity with the language and the logic of Private law and, therefore, to make them acquire a solid method of legal analysis of private relationship.

Course contents

The course aims to illustrate the basic principles and institutions of private law, with particular regard to individuals, situations of belonging and institutes - above all obligation, contract, inheritance and civil liability - through which one realizes the legal circulation of goods and the performance of assets.

The exam will be focused on the following program, which constitutes the subject of the Course:

- The legal system in general;

- Sources and application of the law;

- Inheritance and donation;

- Property and possession;

- Obligations;

- Contract in general and specific contracts;

- Breach of contracts;

- Tort;

- The judicial protection of rights.


F. Galgano, "Istituzioni di diritto privato", Padova, Cedam, last edition (2017).

The student will prepare the following parts:

Cap. I; Cap. II, Cap. III, Cap. IV; Cap. V; Cap. VI; Cap. VII; Cap. IX; Cap. X; Cap. XI; Cap. XII; Cap. XIII; Cap. IV; Cap. XV; Cap. XVI; Cap. XVII; Cap. XVIII; Cap. XIX; Cap. XX; Cap. XXI.

Main principles of Cap. XXIII and of Cap. XXVII.

Teaching methods

Lessons will be entirely taught by the title holder, Prof. Margherita Pittalis.

Frontal lessons with deep analysis of program's arguments.

Assessment methods

Lesson will be taught in the first semester.

The examination will be oral.

The assessment of the interview will be carried out taking into consideration:

  • the knowledge of institutional profiles;
  • the ability to analyze the jurisprudential and doctrinal guidelines;
  • the ability to make connections between the different parts of the program;
  • the ability to develop critical arguments;
  • the exposure articulation;
  • the accuracy of the exposure.

Registration for the final exam must be done using the Almaesami application ( https://almaesami.unibo.it/almaesami/welcome.htm ).

For students that will satisfy the attendance requirements will be possible to take the exam in all sessions from January 2018.

Degree thesis

The degree thesis will be assigned by Prof. Margherita Pittalis after an interview.

Teaching tools

Students which need compensatory tools for reasons of disability or Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) will communicate to the teacher their needs so as to be directed to the dedicated person and arrange on the adoption of the most appropriate measures.

Office hours

See the website of Margherita Pittalis