73936 - Economy and Programming of the Job in the Construction Sector M

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Course contents

Appraisal Values and criteria

Balance sheet and management accounting in the field of construction

Capitalization and discounting back: elements of financial mathematics: determining the value of an investment -The Net Present Value e the IRR

The real estate developing

Study o feasibility of complexes plans


Vittorio Gallerani - Manuale di Estimo 2/ed, Mc Graw Hill Gennaio 2011, Cap. 1

Robert N. Anthony, David F. Hawkins, Diego M. Macrì, Kenneth A. Merchant, Sistemi di controllo 14/ed - Analisi economiche per le decisioni aziendali, Mc Graw, Capp. 14 e 15

Anna Mangiarotti, Oliviero Tronconi - Il progetto di fattibilità Mc Graw Hill, 2010

Teaching methods

Frontal lessons through slides.

Assessment methods

For non attending students: written examination will be held at the end of cours with 2 exercises.

Attending students can expose during lesson a case of study (estimate project) concerning building costs and prefeasibility study.

Teaching tools


Office hours

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