75418 - Applications and Prospects of Electronics and Telecommunications T

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

Acquisition of a panorama of advanced realizations in the field of Electronics and Telecommunications and of possible future developments.

Course contents

The course consists of a series of seminars, given by teachers of the University of Bologna afferent to the Electronics and Telecommunications area and by exponents of the industrial world, in which advanced research subjects and correlated applications are illustrated and further developments prospects are outlined.


The slides of the presentations are available to the students.

Teaching methods

Each seminar is given by one or more teachers of the University of Bologna or representatives of the productive world, treating one or more applications of Electronics and Telecommunications in the frame of the present scientific and technical scenario and in the social context and outlining possible future developments.

Assessment methods

Written reports about two seminars chosen among three ones assigned by the teacher responsible of the course, aimed at assessing the student's acquisition of their contents. Possibly a short oral discussion about the chosen seminars may be done.

Teaching tools

The slides of the presentations are available to the students.

Office hours

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