73709 - Urban Planning

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This teaching activity contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda.

Sustainable cities

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

The course provide the basic concepts on spatial planning; the evolution of cities and planning tools, the construction of urban plan. Exercises (individual an group activities) concerne a local plan.

Course contents

Impact of urbanism on the environment, from the medieval town to the Industrial Revolution

Planning for industrial cities, in Europe and in Italy: the Zoning plan.

Evolution of Italian planning legislation, from 1865.

Evolution of Regional planning in Europe and in Italy.

Regional and Local Government

Conservation of historical areas: policies and experiences

Protection of the environment, planning of the rural areas, landscape

Environment: Impact studies; Greenways and ecological network

Urban recovery and renewal, in Europe and in Italy.

Urban traffic and circulation system.

Urban regeneration.

The Plan as a Process.

The new tools: structural plan, local plan, public/private partnership

Site: analysis and planning


Benevolo, L. Storia dell'architettura moderna, Bari, Laterza capp. III,XI, XV

Monti, C. Dal progetto al governo del territorio, Bologna, CLUEB 2008 (abstract are available in AMS Campus)

Camagni, A. Principi di economia urbana e territoriale, La Nuova Italia, 1993,

Lynch, K. Site planning, MIT, Boston 1974.


Teaching methods

The lectures and exercises, togheter, are leading to urban design

Assessment methods

The assessment method foresees a final exam, with questions of the theory and the exercises

Teaching tools

Files available in AMS Campus

Office hours

See the website of Carlo Monti