00914 - Statistics

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Course contents

Descriptive univariate statistics Classification. One dimension variability. Absolute, relative and cumulate frequency distributions. Graphical representation of statistical distributions. Mean values. Measures of variability. Normal distribution model. Descriptive bivariate statistics Two dimensions absolute and relative distribution frequency. Two dimensions variability. Relations between two characters. Linear dependency. Correlation.


Simone Borra, Agostino Di Ciaccio
Statistica - Metodologia per le scienze economiche e sociali
McGraw-Hill, Milano, 2007
ISBN 978-88-386-6428-1

Marc M. Triola, Mario F. Triola
Fondamenti di statistica per le discipline biomediche
Pearson Italia, Milano, Torino, 2017
ISBN 978-88-9190-258-0

Slides and solved exercises.

Assessment methods

Written test. Oral test, if necessary (depending on the written test outcome).

Teaching tools

Blackboard and slides

Office hours

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