73091 - Philosophy of Law (2) (LM)

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

Philosophy of law from a normative point of view. The concept of law, human rights, democracy are keywords of the course.

Course contents



Title of this course is a famous quotation by Hannah Arendt's The Origin of Totalitarianism: "the right to have rights". This statement summarizes in a nutshell Arendt's practical philosophy.

The course deals with Hannah Arendt's philosophical thought moving from hers complex idea of human rights. It tries to explain the historical origin, the normative value and the theoretical meaning of this critical thesis on rights.

This second part of the course analyzes the very concept of moral individual and collective responsibility and of the related philosophical (and anthropological) representation of human condition.

It will start from Arendt's reflexion on moral evil and its upsetting "banality" (two first weeks) and will achieve the basic moral level for a plausible interpretation of the historical devastating event of nazi totalitarianism on the ground of Arendt's masterpiece The Human Condition. Vita activa (last three weeks).


Class Schedule

I semester

II period

mon, tue, wed

11-13, classroom A (C.trecento)

starting date: nov. 12th, 2018


Hannah Arendt, Responsibility and Judgment (complete edition).

Hannah Arendt, The Human Condition (complete edition).


Alberto Burgio, Marina Lalatta, Orgoglio e genocidio. L'etica dello sterminio nella Germania nazista, DeriveApprodi, Rome, 2016 (chap. 4-6).


This program is valid for both attending and non-attending students.

Teaching methods

Lectures and discussion.

Interdisciplinary seminars will be hold by experts working in the field.

Assessment methods

Final oral examination. Room 5.01 (str. Zamboni 38). On September there will be an examination schedule.

Evaluating criteria:

1. Expertise; practical reasoning ability; critical competence.


18-21/30 basic level

22-25/30 moderate level

26-28/30 good level

29-30/30 excellent level.

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