27257 - Photography and Visual Culture (1)

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student has historical and critical knowledge about the developments of visual arts and photography in the XX century; he is able to analyse and interpret the strategy of the world of the communication, especially for what is concerning Fashion system, in which photography plays a central role.

Course contents

  • Origins and Theoretical and cultural contest around the birth of Fashion Photography
  • Main authors and poetics of Fashion Photography
  • The principal fashion magazines - The construction of the photographic myth for the fashion icons
  • Memory, Voyeurism and Fiction between art and photography in fashion communication


  1. C. Marra, Nelle ombre di un sogno. Storia e idee della fotografia di moda, Bruno Mondadori, Milano 2004
  2. F. Muzzarelli, Moderne Icone di Moda. La costruzione fotografica del mito, Einaudi, Torino 2013.

3) One of this two essays:

- F. Muzzarelli, L'immagine del desiderio. Fotografia di moda tra arte e comunicazione, Bruno Mondadori, Milano 2009.

- F. Muzzarelli, Lee Miller/Man Ray. Arte, moda, fotografia, Atlante, Bologna 2016

Teaching methods

Frontal lesson, reflection and comments about pictures and video

Assessment methods

Oral examination on bibliography.

The goal is to evaluate:

  • historical and theoretical knowledge about photography and its relationships with fashion system; about the origins of the fashion icon phenomenon; about memory, voyeurism and fiction in fashion communication.
  • recognition of the authors of some pictures from the bibliography
  • adoption of a specific language


Teaching tools

Ppt and video

Office hours

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