73058 - History of Contemporary Society (1)

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student acquires skills and knowledge in the context of socio-historical research comcerning the main political transformations, socio-economic and cultural conditions, that occurred in the Italian and European society in the nineteenth and twentieth century. In particular, he has the ability to read analytically documents, apply appropriate methodologies and historiographical concepts fundamental to critically interpret historical change in contemporary society.

Course contents

Methods and sources of Social History and Digital History

Historiographical problems of Fashion Social History

Fashion and Cultural Heritage

Safeguarding, Preservation and Enhancement of Fashion Social Heritage

Historical Imaginaries and Modern Ideologies  in the 19th Century

Nationalisms and Imperialism of Fashion between the 19th and 20th centuries

Fashion itineraries between modernity and tradition; the Universal Exibitions
Bourgeois Society and Mass Society

Fashion and Totalitarism

Models of education, feelings and emotional behaviour 

Consumptions, trends and images value

Fashion in Archivio Storico Istituto Luce online (1928-1908)

Fashion In Archivio della Moda Italiana di Giovan Battista Giorgini (1920-2001)


D. Calanca, Storia sociale della moda contemporanea, Bononia University Press, Bologna 2014

One of the following text is also recommended:

T. Bertilotti, A. Scattigno (a cura di), Il femminismo degli anni Settanta, Viella 2005

D. Calanca, Legami. Relazioni familiari nel Novecento, Bononia University Press 2004

D. Calanca, Non ho l'età. Giovani moderni negli anni della rivoluzione, Bononia University Press 2008

D. Calanca, Moda e immaginari sociali in età contemporanea, Bruno Mondadori 2016

G. De Luna, Le ragioni di un decennio, Feltrinelli 2009

G. Crainz, Autobiografia di una repubblica. Le radici dell'Italia attuale, Donzelli 2009

E. Gentile et al.Novecento italiano. Gli anni cruciali che hanno dato il volto all'Italia di oggi, Laterza 2008

M. Gervasoni, Storia d'Italia degli anni ottanta, Marsilio, Venezia 2010

Moda in Italia. 150 anni di eleganza 1861-2011, Milano Condè Nast 2011

M.T. Mori-A. Pescarolo-A. Scattigno-S. Soldani (a cura di), Di generazione in generazione: le italiane dall'Unità a oggi, Roma, Viella, 2014

E. Scarpellini, La stoffa dell'Italia. Storie e culture della moda dal 1945 a oggi, Laterza 2017

Further readings will be given during the lessons.

For the assessment of required knowledge:

P. Sorcinelli, D. Calanca, D. Pela, Storie, Firenze, La Nuova Italia 2003 V. III, pp. 4-5; 8-15; 20-21; 24-26; 28-30; 56-63; 80-111; 118-124; 130-132; 138-143; 144-150; 164-167; 170-185; 238-251; 258-278; 284-288.

Teaching methods

Lessons, seminars, practices in collaboration with Dr. Gianluigi Di Giangirolamo (gian.digiangirolamo@unibo.it)

Assessment methods

A) The assessment of required knowledge of Contemporary History is mandatory for all students and will be a written exam with Prof. D. Calanca, also for those who will attend the course of Social History (prof. A. Malfitano).

Written exam. The candidate will take a 30 minute written test composed of 20 different types questions (true/false, multiple choice). Students have to prove their knowledge of Twentieth Century History at least on the most relevant political, social and economic facts, as part of their studies prior to attending University.The text will be given through the University e-learning platform and will be evaluated positive by correctly answering 12 questions out of 20. If the text will be failed, during the oral exam will be asked some questions on the written test objects. Once enrolled at the degree course and came into possesion of University credentials, students can become familiar with the e-learning platform and find all the related information at this link https://elearning-cds.unibo.it

The instructions to take this part of the exam have a dedicated section in "Bibliography".

B) Oral exam of History of Contemporary Society: the exam consists in verifying the learning of the texts and contents of the course, the ability to analyze the contemporary society change. In addition, a research of unpublished photographic documents from family photo album is request, with the aim to learn the fundamentals of historic methodology. During the lessons, will be provide all the necessary tools for the development of the research, that will be verified at the exam. 



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