65962 - Science and Technique of Team Sports

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, the students: -will be able to analyze different team sports from a physical and technical/tactical point of view using notational analysis and match analysis; - will know the main training methods for technical, tactical, and physical training used by high-level teams in the most popular team sports in Italy; - will be able to use sports performance analysis tools for monitoring and planning training sessions, and within a context of applied research; - will be able to plan specific training sessions for athletes of different gender, age, and playing level; - will understand the structure and organization of coaching staffs and professional figures in different team sports; - will know principles of team's organization and managing in teams of different levels (National, youth, senior etc.); - will know errors correction procedures: management of time and space in the team's tactics.

Course contents

  • Performance and training in team sports

    Endurance testing and training

    Strength testing and training

    Repeated sprint ability testing and training

    Agility testing and training

    Monitoring of internal and external load

    Training periodization

    Performance and match analysis

  • Post-match recovery strategies, injury prevention and rehabilitation

    Assessment of recovery and recovery strategies 

    Incidence of injuries in team sports

    Training for injury prevention

    Rehabilitation and return to play after an injury



Scientific papers and book chapters that will be indicated for each specific topic.

Teaching methods

  • Tradictional lectures

  • Practical sessions

  • Seminars given by coaches

Assessment methods

Written examination (duration: 60 min), with 31 multiple-choice questions on the first part of the course content (Performance and training in team sports), and oral examination with two questions on the second part of the course content (Post-match recovery strategies, injury prevention and rehabilitation)

Teaching tools

Video projector, PC, tools for testing and training monitoring

Office hours

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