39566 - Gastroenterological and Endocrinological Surgery (Part 2) (L-Z)

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

Knowledge and skills to be achieved

 The module, which requires a rapid recall and reuse of the notions of Surgical Anatomy and Applied Pathophysiology learned in previous years, aims to provide students with the definition and treatment of the main diseases of the gastrointestinal and endocrine organs. The course is held for the duration of 16 hours of lectures (2 CFU) in close collaboration with the teachers of the other modules (see Didactic Objectives). At the end of the course the student has the skills and knowledge necessary for the identification of the main diseases mentioned through the use of the correct diagnostic path, necessary for their definition and for the correct surgical therapeutic indication of the same.

Course contents

HyperparathyroidismsFunctioning and non-functioning diseases of the adrenal glands of surgical interestEndocrine tumors of the pancreas and MEN syndromesDiseases of surgical interest of the thyroid


The teaching material presented in class will be made available to the student and will be available via username and password by connecting to: http://campus.unibo.it/

Teaching methods

The teaching consists of 1 CFU and will be held through lectures

Assessment methods

The exam aims to evaluate the achievement of the teaching objectives

Teaching tools

Videoprojector, PC

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