70944 - Orthodontia and Surgery

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

The course of Maxillofacial Surgery aims to allow knowledge of the most common pathologies in the maxillofacial area (oral and maxillofacial tumors, trauma, congenital and acquired malformations, inflammations, cysts of the jaws, etc.)

Course contents

- Principles of orthodontic diagnosis

- Classification of dento-skeletal disharmonies

- Principles of orthodontic therapy in orthognatic surgery

- Correlations between orthodontics and periodontology

- Correlations between occlusion and temporo-mandibular disorders


Arnett GW, Mc Laughlin RP. Facial and dental planning for orthodontists and oral surgeons. London: Mosby/Elsevier; 2004.

Proffit WR, White RP, Sarver DM. Contemporary treatment of dentofacial deformity. London: Mosby; 2003.

Teaching methods


Assessment methods

Oral examination.

Teaching tools

Lectures with support of projections by computer.

Office hours

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