32709 - Public Works and Planning Law

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

At the end of the module, the student knows the legal principles of urban planning regulations concerning the environment and public works. He knows the main mechanisms of the most relevant subjects who, from a juridical-institutional point of view, are part of the context in which the architectural and urban planning activities take place.

Course contents


the regime of goods The contract The sale The contract Real rights -


Principles Responsible for the procedure Participation in the administrative procedure Simplification of administrative action Effectiveness and invalidity of the administrative provision. Revocation and withdrawal Access to administrative documents - PLANNING

Sources of power, regional legislative competence The planning system: general notions. Spatial planning. THE NEW E.R. L. R. 21 December 2017 n. 24 (brief notes) The municipal level planning (structural and operational plan): contents and procedures. The cd. implementation planning: detailed plans, recovery plans, plans for economic and popular construction, plans for productive settlements. The qualifications in the building activity: building permit and notification of the start of business, C.I.L. and S.C.I.A. Expropriation. Control and sanctions: the regional law n. 15 of 30 July 2013. Cultural and environmental Heritage. Competence and professional responsibility


Design and implementation of public works Assignment and execution of public works, supervision of works, public and private tender, testing.


Fabio Dani, Discipline giuridiche per l''Architettura, Territorio, Pianificazione, Opere Pubbliche, Giappichelli ed, 2017, p.311.

Teaching methods

Theoretical lessons / exercises

Assessment methods

Oral examination. The exam aims to verify the achievement of the following educational objectives: -knowledge of the legal principles of urban planning, environment and public works; -knowledge of the proceedings and subjects involved in the design and implementation of public and private works.

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