67998 - Italian Language and Literature

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course the student:

- knows the fundamentals of literacy studies;

- knows the principal tools and methods (including philology, linguistics, criticism) for the analysis and interpretation of a literary text;

- is able to understand and evalutate literary texts and to begin considering literary texts in their histoirical and social context;

- draws personal hypotheses on the teaching of literature and is able to see teaching implications in the context of Kindergarten and Primary Schools

Course contents

The course is conceived as an introduction to the analysis of literary texts (poetry and fiction). The aim of the course is to understand meanings and patterns within a wide range of Italian literary texts and authors in order to know more about Italian language and culture.

Students will be introduced to the principal topics (including gender studies), concepts and tools of the academic study of Italian literature.

Special attention will be paid to the themes and language of De Amicis' Cuore.


Please see the Italian version.

Teaching methods

Face-to-face lessons and seminars.

Assessment methods

Written test. Please enroll on the Almaesami Platform.

Criteria for assessing the grade (expressed in a 30-point scale, from 18 to 30L) include both correctness of the answers and formal accuracy.

Teaching tools

Lessons slides and other bibliographical tools will be available on the IOL Platform (https://iol.unibo.it/)

Office hours

See the website of Cristiana De Santis