67057 - Metabolism and Toxicology of Pollutants

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course students will achieve knowledge on the interaction between xenobiotic chemicals (benzene and its derivatives, aromatic compounds, organo-chlorinated and organo-phosphorous compounds and heavy metals) with environment and living organisms. Students will achieve also knowledge on toxicity due to reactive oxygen specie.

Course contents

Xenobiotics and pollutants;
Interaction between xenobiotics and organisms
Reactive Oxygen  and Nitrogen Specie
Metabolism of xenobiotics
Phase I enzymes (Cyt P450)
Phase II enzymes
Degradation pathways of aromatic compounds

Degradation of organochlorine derivatives and of organophosphorus derivatives.
Biotrasformation of metals.


Teaching notes available on-line

Teaching methods

Frontal lesson

Assessment methods

Power point presentation (10 slides max) followed by a discussion.

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