66198 - Polymers for Special Uses

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

The course provides the tools for knowledge and understanding of the methods of synthesis, properties and commercial applications of the following types of polymers: technopolymers, polymer blends and composites, thermostable polymers and polymer resistant to combustion; liquid-crystalline polymers: lyotropic and thermotropic polymers, hydrophilic polymer,  polymeric hydrogel,  polymers with electrical properties. Biodegradable polymers, biocompatible and bioerodible will be also discussed

Course contents


Thorough knowledge of polymer science


1. Presentation of the course

2. Polymers for high temperature and flame resistant

3. Liquid crystalline polymers

4. Electroactive Polymers

 5. Polymers for applications such as photoresist

 6. Polymers for optical storage of information

7. Polymeric Adhesives

8. Degradable Polymers

9. Ionic Polymers

10. Polymers as reagents

 11. Synthetic Polymeric membranes

12. Hydrogels and smart polymers

13. Dendrimers

14. Shape memory polymers

15. Microencapsulation

16. Nanocomposites

17. Wodd based composites

18. Composites obtained by polymerization


There is no reference text    

Students can use the notes provided by the teacher

Teaching methods

The course consists of lectures held in the classroom and discussions with students

Assessment methods

The evaluation consists of an oral examination.

During the examination the concepts learned will be verified  by critical discussion of more classes of polymeric materials for special uses

Teaching tools

Videoprjection of the lessons is used in classroom.   
The students are also able to obtain directly the above material form the Univeristy Digital Library Service.

Office hours

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