27604 - Analytical Chemistry

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

The course gives the basic information about the Analytical Chemistry, proposing and discussing the first methods (potentiometry, conductometry and voltammetry) for the quantification of analytes.

Course contents

Theoretical basis of quantitative inorganic analysis: the law of mass action; acid-base, precipitation, complexometric and oxido-reduction equilibra.

Volumetric analysis: acid-base, precipitation, complexometric and oxido-reduction titrations.

Potentiometry: potentiometric titrations; direct potentiometry and ion-selective electrodes; glass electrode and pH measurement.

 Conductometry: conductometric titrations.

Voltammetric techniques.


Skoog-West-Holler: Fondamenti di Chimica Analitica, Edises Editore (Napoli)

Daniel C. Harris: Chimica Analitica Quantitativa, Zanichelli Editore (Bologna)

Kolthoff-Sandell-Meehan-Bruckenstein: Analisi Chimica Quantitativa, Piccin Editore (Padova)

Teaching methods

During the lesson, the theoretical analytical principles are discussed, together with the instrumentation and the methods employed.

In laboratory the technical parameters of each instrument are discussed. The students plan and carry out experimental work.

Assessment methods

Oral examination

Teaching tools

frontal and laboratory lessons

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