00701 - Forensic Medicine

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

The student is expected to be familiar with the most relevant medical legislation , including in particular licensing of the healthcare professions and major health care reforms in the healthcare and social sectors. Special attention will be given to the EU legislation on goods and services  and the developing of a european market for dental services.

Students arealso required to acknowledge the fundamental differences  in the evaluation of medical negligence in the penal, civil and administrative setting.

Course contents

  Healthcare professions : licensing & regulations

 Negligence : penal,civil and administrative rules

Health insurance 

healthcare organisation : National & Regional responsibilities

the EU . free circulation of goods & services


A. Cicognani, M. Fallani, S. Pelotti, Medicina Legale, Esculapio, 2014

Teaching methods


Case studies

Assessment methods

  Short paper

Teaching tools

  Slides, Videos

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