39201 - Laboratory Practice 2

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

The student is able to carry out exercises in a protected environment on CT,  equipment

Course contents

The Professional Laboratory 2 will be the place where the students together with the teacher will go to a CT Diagnostic and will simulate in practice situations or non-real events, of patients with a specific clinical question and complete computerized tomography exams by optimizing the Examination protocols to a precise clinical question without consequences on the real patient because a dedicated dummy will be used for the simulation of TC examinations.

In this simulation context, students will be asked to identify with and take on the role of patients or TSRM with the aim of gaining confidence and familiarity with the TC equipment, procedures, materials, methods and tools, looking for automation, controlling the gestures, the emotions, experiencing the error and trying to solve the problems inherent to a specific technical and practical clinical question.

The objective of the Professional Laboratory 2 is to hook the theory, (previously learned during the lectures), to the professional practice so that at the end of the module the student will develop diagnostic reasoning skills, clinical reasoning, critical thinking, methodological skills relating to management organizational planning and develop specific technical skills with particular reference to situations of high complexity.

Teaching methods

practical exercises

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