58762 - Psychology of Development and Education

Course Unit Page

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

by the end of the course, students will acquire basic knowledge with regards to:

- typical and atypical developmental processes in the physical, cognitive, emotional, and relational domains

- methods and techniques to assess and evalutae developmental processes

- strategies to integrate developmental knowledge in the design and implementation of educational and rehabilitation projects.

Course contents

The course covers:

- the development of cognitive functions through the life course

- the relations between development, learning and education;


R.C. Atkinson, E.R. Hildegard (2011) Introduzione alla psicologia. Padova, Piccin ( chapter. 3-9-12)

slides covering topics discussed during lectures.

Teaching methods

Course will be offered as direct speech, with presentation of summaries, examples of concrete childern's behaviour (pictures, films) tools for direct observation, experimental devises). 

Students will be supported with examples (video) of everyday life. This material will be used for specific presentation and discussion.

Assessment methods

During the course  students  will be systematically asked for giving their own point of view about topics, and solicited to solve the same problems children are presented.

Final evaluation will be in written format (two  questions and one hour for answers).

Comments and discussion of the results are welcome upon request from students 

Teaching tools

  • Power point presentations
  • Videos

Office hours

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