39189 - Biology applied to Biomedical Studies

Course Unit Page

  • Teacher Cinzia Zucchini

  • Credits 3

  • SSD BIO/13

  • Language Italian

  • Campus of Bologna

  • Degree Programme First cycle degree programme (L) in Dental Hygiene (cod. 8481)

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

Knowledge of the main cellular functions with emphasis on mechanisms involved in the following processes: expression, duplication and transmission of genetic information, development, cell differentiation and proliferation, cellular interactions between cells. Knowledge of the transmission and expression of hereditary traits in humans.

Course contents

LIVING SYSTEMS Key features of living systems. The central dogma of biology. The cell theory. WATER AND BIOMOLECULES Biological role of water; carbon in the chemistry of life; structure and biological activity of carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, nucleic acids. FROM THE GENOTYPE PHENOTYPE The informational molecules. The eukaryotic gene expression: transcription, genetic code and traslation. THE EUKARYOTIC CELL The plasma membrane. Intracellular membrane system: rough and smooth endoplasmic reticulum, Golgi apparatus, lysosome. The nucleus: chromatine and chromosomes. The mitochondria. MOLECULAR, CELLULAR AND ORGANISM REPRODUCTION. DNA replication. Cell cycle. Mitosis. Meiosis. The gametes in humans.
GENETICS. MONOFACTORIAL INHERITANCE Mendelian laws. Autosomal inheritance. X-linked inheritance. MUTATIONS


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two issues edition:

Solomon E.P., Berg R.L., Martin D.V. - Genetica: La continuità della vita - Ed. EdiSES

Solomon E.P., Berg R.L., Martin D.V. – La cellula - Ed. EdiSES

Purves W.K., Sadava D., Orians G.H., Heller H.C. – Elementi di Biologia e Genetica- Ed. Zanichelli

two issues edition:

Purves W.K., Sadava D., Orians G.H., Heller H.C. - L'informazione e l'ereditarietà - Ed. Zanichelli

Purves W.K., Sadava D., Orians G.H., Heller H.C. - La cellula - Ed. Zanichelli)

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two issues edition:

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Campbell-Reece –Biologia. Fascicolo2 La genetica– Ed. Pearson Benjiamin Cummings

Teaching methods

Frontal teaching. Study classroom activities led by the teacher with the aim of helping the student to clarify and deepen the topics previously discussed

Assessment methods

Written test (lasting 1 hour 30 minutes) based on 32 questions with multiple choice answers or open answers. Each correct answer is assessed a point. 18 points are needed to pass the test. A supplementary oral examination can be requested by the student.

Teaching tools

Light board and PC to show drawings and diagrams taken from texts and scientific articles, and short films.

Office hours

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