28238 - Integrated Management of Coastal Areas

Course Unit Page

  • Teacher Rossella Capozzi

  • Learning modules Rossella Capozzi (Modulo 1)
    Gabriela Carrara (Modulo 2)

  • Credits 6

  • SSD GEO/02

  • Teaching Mode Traditional lectures (Modulo 1)
    Traditional lectures (Modulo 2)

  • Language Italian

Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

The course provides knowledge to understand the morphodynamic processes effective in the formation and evolution of coastal zones and continental shelves. Within the limits set by natural dynamics, Integrated coastal zone management aims to balance environmental, economic and social objectives.

Course contents

Module -1- Integrated coastal zone management includes the interdisciplinary study of the processes that shape present coastal zones and continental shelf and their evolution through space and time. The main morphodynamic processes leading to the present setting of siliciclastic and carbonate systems will be studied together with a sequence stratigraphic approach, to understand long term and Quaternary evolution. The course will introduce to protection principles against coastal risks, because of the huge concentration of human activities. ICZM aims to provide the key criteria for defining sustainability in coastal zone development.

module 2 - Project plan or evaluation on coastal areas. Overview of sound physics in water (Snell's law, acoustic impedance, sound velocity function). Main geophysical acquisition methods in water: overview on reflection seismic, main seismic sources. Bathymetrc acquisition and side scan sonar data. Main equipment for rock and sediment sampling at sea/inner waters. Description of the main sediment analyzes. Basic cartographic concepts. Open source softwares available for data processing and mapping. Open source data bases freely available on the web (regional, national and international geo-portals).


Coastal Engineering Manual
EM 1110-2-1100 http://chl.erdc.usace.army.mil/chl.aspx?p=s&a=Publications;8

E. Pranzini. La forma delle coste: Zanichelli, Bologna, 2004.

R.W.G. Carter and C.D. Woodroof. Coastal evolution. Late Quaternary shoreline morphodynamics. Cambridge University Press.

Waves, tides and shallow-water processes - Open University Oceanography Course Team Pergamon Press, Oxford.

Teaching methods

Lessons and parctical exercises.

Assessment methods

Oral examination and written report of laboratory activities.

Teaching tools

Ppt presentations

Office hours

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