09511 - Marketing

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Academic Year 2018/2019

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, the student is able to understand and use the main variables and theories and fundamental applications of marketing management. The student will be able to apply the main theories to the company and markets, measuring customer satisfaction, analyzing and segmenting the market, setting the marketing plan, setting the distribution choices thanks to the knowledge of the national and international distribution structure.

During the course the work group is stimulated so that at the end of the course the student acquires the ability to work together and perform research on pre-established topics, as well as communication skills gained during company presentations.

Course contents

The teaching presents the process of marketing management, which starts from the analysis of the value for the customer, focuses on how to create value for the customer, and then devote himself to the delivery and communication of the value.

The concept of marketing management

The fundamental process of marketing management. Analysis, construction, delivery and communication of customer value

Value analysis for the customer. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of the application

Value construction. The main strategic marketing choices. Segmentation, targeting and positioning

Value construction. The definition of the value proposition (product and / or service), the brand and pricing policies

The distribution of value. Analysis and management of distribution channels. Trade and retail marketing

Value communication. Integrated marketing and communication campaigns

Conclusions. The marketing plan


Kotler, Armstrong, Ancarani e Costabile (2015), Principi di Marketing, Pearson, Milano

Kotler, Armstrong, Ancarani e Costabile (2015), Principi di Marketing, Pearson, Milano

Teaching methods

The course includes the alternation of lectures with discussion sessions of business cases, simulations and exercises for the most quantitative topics, testimonies and guest speeches of managers operating in marketing, sales and corporate communication.

Assessment methods

The assessment of the learning will take place during the period of lessons through group assignment on cases and business exercises and at the end of the course through a written test.

The weight of assignment and written test to the final evaluation of the exam will be communicated at the beginning of the lessons.

Teaching tools

Any tools to support teaching will be made available on the Iol.unibo.it platform

Office hours

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